Play Dates


For those ready to explore the playful freedom of Abstract Art. Play Dates is my 6-week online course that I’ve created just for you!

I invite you to join me on this self-paced abstract adventure across 6 different units and over 20 different lessons. The 6 units will inspire you with the following teachings:

  • Stories to tell—speaking with art
  • Finding your voice—discovering your authentic essence
  • Courageous with colour-being brave and bold with vividly contrasting colours
  • Inspired Intuition—allowing your heart to rule
  • Playful-not perfect—letting go of perfection
  • Expressing feelings and healing through art

The course includes videos, resources and audio files you can enjoy over and over again.

You don’t need to be an experienced artist to enjoy this course. I am self-taught all the way! Learning for yourself is one of the great joys and freedom of creativity. The University of Life has taken me a long way—winning prizes, selling work in galleries to important collectors;  solo and group exhibitions and finalling in the prestigious portraiture awards with my first-ever portrait; and learning the spiritual art of Sumi painting in Maui with internationally celebrated, New York-based Max Gimblett

And, guess what? All the time I was playing. Experimenting. Trying things out. Just for fun! Joseph Campbell was right when he said, when you follow your bliss, doors open for you wouldn’t open for anyone else.

About 3 years into my painting journey…

…I remember thinking ‘I’ve lost my mojo. My art isn’t speaking to me.”

The incessant comparing myself to others who had some kind of “voice. ” I just couldn’t express myself. In 2012 won the Supreme Prize in a prestigious art award. I had a successful exhibition, selling several thousands of dollars of art. People loved the Sumi ink series but I KNEW there was something more inside me, something I wanted to articulate with my painting…something more joyful.

I looked around the art world and found myself drawn to paintings that oozed fresh, fluid, fun energy, paintings that were both mysterious and compelling, paintings that told a story—without sharing their secrets. Paintings that intrigued, entranced and danced. Paintings that spoke to peoples hearts.

Fast forward another 8 years, I’ve held successful group and shows, explored a million possibilities, shipped my works to buyers across the globe, travelled the world teaching workshops, made a truckload of mistakes (or happy accidents), shared with my passion and purpose with students online and honed my skills and passion as an artist and as a teacher whose burning desire is to have her students succeed in whatever way is right for them.

I would so love to play with you.

I’m excited to show you so many things!

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or a pro who has lost their flow, I can show you how to loosen up, how to create art that speaks, art you love. I can help you take your art to the next level.

Would you love to play?


jo Course

Has the primary reason you took this class been achieved? 

Yes …I have been pushed from my comfort zone, Exposed to a whole new art world, stopped procrastinating and have taken action which is awesome.


Have your struggles lessened?

Yes my struggles have lessened, but I still have a way to go, but in the past I’ve found this often comes with learning through doing/action , rather than all the over thinking…which is what I’m now doing.


What are you flowing with?

Not quite flowing just yet, but the biggest achievement is that I am now exploring and playing which is great.


What have you most enjoyed about this course?

I have loved the modules popping up in my mail, and excitement to see what they were.  I love how much you share and your bubbly positivity.  Starting off with the module…How to find your passion and purpose and sharing your books was really great and not what I was expecting, so a huge bonus.  Love the videos.


What would you have liked more of?

The video you sent me recently of softening your painting was a game-changer for me seeing how much water you used on the painting etc.  That motivated me to keep on trying and gave me more confidence in getting started.


What, if anything, would improve your experience of this course?

I think it is a brilliant course…

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